3D Printing

Here at Plastic Parts 3D we use a variety of 3D printing technologies that enable us to produce you the components that you need when you need them.

Simply send us a 3D file of your component or a dimensioned drawing and we’ll get a reply to you within hours.
Once an order is placed we’ll get your parts printed within, typically 1-5 days dependant on quantity, size and complexity.



Which 3D printing method should I use

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

We run Stratasys FDM machines in an assortment of polymers which give a very close representation of an actual injection moulded product of your design giving you an item that you can test for form fit and function. These can also, in most cases, be utilised as end use mouldings if you only require a few parts or used for proving prior to committing to injection mould tooling.

SLA (Stereolithography)

SLA 3D printing is very popular for its ability to produce high-accuracy, isotropic, and watertight prototypes and parts in a range of advanced materials with fine features and smooth surface finishes with other materials in the range giving high strength and rigid properties.
Again, these parts give a close representation of injection mouldings which can be end use products or used for proving prior to committing to injection mould tooling.


Our Polyjet printing can combine two or three base resins in a single print job to simulate over

moulding, generate multi-material tools and models, or produce trays of assorted parts – all for immediate use without assembly.
Multi-material technology gives you the versatility to create models from 17 available base resins. Simulate rubber, polypropylene, standard manufacturing plastics and more.
This process can give a highly accurate components due to the laying down of 16-micron layers with each pass giving a very high level of accuracy.
All in all very useful for product testing and proving before the move to injection moulding.

* Subject to normal build times inherent with the technology used.

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