Rapid Aluminium Tooling

As an addition to our conventional injection moulding tooling service at Plastic Parts Direct, here at Plastic Parts 3D our service extends to Rapid Aluminium Tooling for production of rapid prototypes and end-use production parts in as little as 10 working days*.

By producing injection moulding tooling cavity inserts out of aluminium to fit our own mould tool bases your costs are kept to a minimum and so are your lead times to production parts.

We use mould grade aluminium which is both hard and durable and has a huge advantage over steel in it’s dispersion of heat aiding the injection moulding to cool quickly along with its ease of machining.

Production quantities can be as little as 10 or as many as 10,000+ parts with a tool life expectancy running in to years in a lot of cases, allowing you to take a number of batches of product over time.

Just send us your 3D file of the part(s) required and we’ll let you know if your part is mouldable and if this form of production is suitable or whether you may need to consider our Conventional Injection Mould Tool service over at Plastic Parts Direct.

Why Rapid Aluminium Tooling for injection moulding

Firstly cost. If an injection mould tool is what you need to produce your product then apart from 3D Printed Tooling this is the most cost-effective way of producing injection mouldings. By purchasing just, the cavity inserts of a mould tool you only pay for these and not the mould base and ejection system that goes along with them as we mount your inserts in our own universal mould bases.

By using aluminium and only needing to have cavity inserts made, the speed to production is greatly enhanced enabling you to get your injection mouldings in a quicker time frame for those urgent projects.

Rapid aluminium tooling is really useful as bridge tooling to bridge the gap between 3D prototyping and full production tooling or multi-cavity tooling where you require some injection mouldings to test or trial before committing to that expense.

By going through the normal plastic injection moulding process the resulting components can be used as fully functioning prototypes or as pilot runs for proving.

* Dependant on complexity of component and tooling.

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